Our Training Expertise

We are former training managers. Drawing on our experience developing training for credit, markets, and support professionals at J.P. Morgan and other firms, we work with clients to design complete training programs, modules within programs, or stand-alone courses. We can help with needs analysis and instructional design, as well as delivery.

As firms continue to adjust to major changes in regulation, risk management, and debt markets, credit and debt market professionals will be faced with new demands on their skills and knowledge. Training will play a vital role in helping them meet those new demands. We publish Financial Training Partners Training White Papers to share our thoughts on current issues in credit training with training managers.

New Research on Effective Ways to Train
New studies confirm active learning really works in an academic setting. We think it works just as well in training on credit risk and debt structuring. Click for a PDF of our Training White Paper on Better Courses Through Active Learning.

How to Build a Credit Curriculum
A number of our clients use us in their entry-level programs and in their professional-level programs on risk and debt structuring. Here are our thoughts on a comprehensive curriculum for bankers and risk managers, based on our experience teaching for them and on our experience as training managers. Click for a PDF of our Training White Paper on Designing a Credit Curriculum.

In-house expert or outside instructor? Why not both?
Clients who use us for training on credit risk or debt structuring could use their own firm’s experts to teach those subjects instead. What are the trade-offs between using outside and in-house instructors? Is there a way to get the best of both? Click for a PDF of our Training White Paper on In-House or Outside: Video Interviews Offer the Best of Both.